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Full Version: Other People's Beyblade Gear
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Here's a reminder about how to interact with other people's Beyblade gear:

Carefully, and with permission.

If someone has set out a beystadium for people to use, by all means use it. But keep in mind, this is not your beystadium, so treat it like you would treat someone else's house: Carefully. Do not intentionally damage said beystadium. Do not unintentionally damage said beystadium. "Someone else's beystadium" is the wrong time to practice your "Super Look At All The Bouncing And Gouging My Bey Does When I Launch It At This Weird Angle" move. Especially if the beystadium's owner is there and asks you to stop (repeatedly).

(Never bring a beystadium for other people to play in unless you're prepared to watch it be destroyed.)

If someone has brought a large collection of their beyblade parts and/or launchers with them, then you can ask to see or use a part. But you need to ask before you touch. And you definitely need to ask. Most people will be fine with letting you try their part or bey. But get their permission first. It is considered bad to rummage through other people's things without asking.

If someone lends you a beyblade or a launcher, treat it well. Treat it better than you treat your own beys and launchers. I've seen how you treat your own stuff, and that's really not going to cut it for handling other people's stuff. :D

If someone lends you a launcher and says "wind the bey back until it stops, don't wind it until it clicks repeatedly", then please don't click the launcher. Launcher clicking is bad. Launcher clicking leads to skipped teeth and launcher problems. You can launcher click your own stuff as much as you want, it's only going to hurt your gear. But don't do that to other people's gear.

(You know what, just don't lend your launcher to other people. :D )
Thank You for saying this, You would think it would be obvious...