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Full Version: Your Favorite Authors
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Name one or two of your favorite authors.  If you feel so inclined, give us a short bio blurb about their work, their style, what they wrote that you loved, etc.

My favorite author is Daphne Du Maurier.  I love all her books, but “Jamaica Inn” was the most thrilling.  She wrote haunting Gothic novels that are still considered some of the best of the entire genre.   Alfred Hitchcock was a big fan of her books and adapted a handful of them into classic creepy films.  “The Birds” was originally one of her short stories.

Honorable mention to Ayn Rand for “The Fountainhead.”  It’s a great book for artists who value their individualism and the integrity of their work.
Ransom Riggs and Daniel Handler
While I like reading here and then, I never thought about a definite choice on who are my favorites. But I really like J.K. Rowling, because of her amazing worldbuilding and storycrafting skills. I really enjoy her Harry Potter series, and how she is thoughtful and look into her works’ fandoms. I also admire Stan Lee because he created a huge legacy, one that I can reallyy enjoy C: