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Full Version: Hasbro Launcher Combination Legality?
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So as most of you know, Hasbro Launchers don't have a lot of options in terms of accessories. So there are almost no handle grips you can get for Hasbro Launchers to connect onto.
However, all the hasbro launchers have a connection gimmick, that connects the launchers together to form a longer launcher. I have a few photos of combinations you can make.

The real question is, will theses combinations be legal for an WBO event? Technically you're not using one launcher, so I am not sure if it fits into the category of a handle.
I think you are also able to connect basic launchers onto the hasbro sword launcher and string launchers as "handles". so I am here to ask if they are legal for use in a tournament?

edit: I'm not sure on how to embed photos into the post itself, so if someone could tell me how that would be great.
It is an intended feature so there is most likely no rule against it.

but a better launcher set up is the turbo launcher and the little grip from the masters kit.
The one thing you need to watch out for is that the Hasbro launchers don't necessarily click together with any sort of strength. What I ended up doing was using a Supergrip Launcher as the handle, and clipping that onto the side of a Dual Threat string launcher. That seems to hold. Trying to clip Supergrip onto the XCalius X3 Sword launcher didn't work well, the sword would often fall into the beystadium.

Even if you aren't going to pursue Takara Tomy beys, I do recommend getting a grip and an LR launcher. Those are very steady.

You also don't want a situation where your launcher is moving the gears of two winders at once.
Yes, it is legal to connect Hasbro Beyblade Burst launchers as it is an intended feature.

Whatever combination you decide to make you just have to abide by this rule listed in the Burst Format rulebook: "Keep your Launcher held within your half of the BeyStadium" when launching.

Also, you can embed images like this:


Imgur actually has an option for this whenever you upload an image which you can copy with the tags added.