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Full Version: Beyblade Model Sheets
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Hi Everyone ?
A friend and I are desperately trying to find model sheets(character sheets, settei) from the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade anime. We have been searching online for years but have found nothing apart from a few listings of the model sheets on Japanese auction sites and some pics taken at the Beyblade bar that were featured in a blog. 

I personally was hoping that maybe an art book would have been released for the anniversary but unfortunately that did not happen. Please, if any of you guys could help us out we would be grateful. If you have copies or scans of the model sheets we are willing to pay you for them. Your help is hugely appreciated and we are grateful for anything we can get. Thank you!

I linked the site where we found some pics of the model sheets that were available at the Beyblade bar:
I'm his friend!!

We'd really appreciate this!!!