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Full Version: Tournament Sub-Format Pitch: Slingshock Hasbro Only
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Hear me out, the slingshock system is great, but without the special stadiums, it's kinda lacking. So, what If there was a special tournament format made exclusively for use in the slingshock stadiums? It could be a sub-set of the "Hasbro Only" format, or its own, brand-new format! The main issue is the stadium being used. It'd obviously have to be a slingshock stadium,but since the default stadium used for any Burst tournaments is the Takara Tomy standard, a new format(Or sub-format) seems appropriate. I'm not even saying only slingshock beys have to be used. If it's not it'd be perfectly fine to have wonder valtryek against spriggan requiem in a slingshock stadium. What I'm saying is, please make some way for slingshock stadiums to be legal in WBO tournaments!
I kinda agree to this. It allows for the slingshot gimmick to be used to its fullest extent, but I think this has problems too.

•Beys withought the slingshot gimmick will automatically have a disadvantage, so a Hasbro slingshot format might be necessary.

•There aren’t a lot of people with slingshot yet, so this might have to wait.

•Slingshot beys don’t need the stadium, if the user masters their launch, it should work.

I mean, maybe it will turn out fine, I think this might be a wait and see thing.