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Full Version: My HMS Combo, Xeyrs
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Hi, WBO!

The other day I was thinking of an HMS combo and I thought I may share it with you guys.

AR: Metal Upper (Driger MS)
WD: Circle Heavy
RC: Metal Flat Core (Advance Striker)

Please,if you think it is bad, I would like some constructive critism to make this combo better and original. I would especially like it if a beyblade expert helped as well.
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sounds good ill have to try that one.
Its an ok attack combo, what other hms do you have?
Only 2 , Driger MS and Advance Striker, which stinks.

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Can anyone please respond?

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(Mar. 09, 2010  1:29 AM)Cyan Blue Wrote: [ -> ]Can anyone please respond?
People will reply when they want, if they have something to say. Just be patient.
Uncustomized Adv. Striker would be better.
I am not trying out uncustomized beyblades.

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(Mar. 14, 2010  12:47 AM)Cyan Blue Wrote: [ -> ]I am not trying out uncustomized beyblades.

But, Cye is saying ADV Striker untouched is superior to your custom. This is understandable considering you only have 2 HMS blades. IMO, Metal Upper is vastly outclassed and inferior to a lot of ARs.
Could you tell me some?

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If only there was a wiki for this stuff...
But Beywiki doesn't specifically tell you what AR s outclass each other.

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(Mar. 17, 2010  1:28 AM)Cyan Blue Wrote: [ -> ]Haha
But Beywiki doesn't specifically tell you what AR s outclass each other.

Well you should try the Purchase Consultion thread, there people can tell you some good parts to buy.
Alright thanks

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Samurai Upper (Samurai Changer MS), Circle Upper (Death Gargoyle MS), and Advanced Attacker (Advance Striker) all have better upper attack capabilities than Metal Upper.
Great, thank you!

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So should I change Metal Upper to Advance Attacker since it is more obtainable?

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(Mar. 09, 2010  6:12 AM)Cye Kinomiya Wrote: [ -> ]Uncustomized Adv. Striker would be better.

Cyan Blue, keep your "eggs" in your signature and not your posts.

I hope you are not posting just for the sake of it ...
Well everyone has pretty much said it.

Your custom is good, but ADV Striker clearly outclasses it because of its better Upper Attack capabilities.