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Full Version: Best way to care for your parts?
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Okay, so this is a two part question, so bear with me.

First, what's the best way to clean your parts? I know the basics like soap, water, and metal polish, but any specific substances and procedures you guys recommend? Substances to stay away from?

Second, is it best to keep your Beyblades assembled or disassembled for storage? I've heard some people say that keeping your parts assembled actually wears down the spring in the driver and I've heard other people say that it doesn't make a difference, so which is right? Do drivers' springs wear down if you keep your Beyblades assembled? What's the best way to store your Beyblades?
I would avoid "cleaning" Beyblades with water, soap and metal polish unless you just want shiny metal. Doing that will wear off metal and make it lighter over time

I personally keep Beybaldes disassembled out of a "better safe than sorry" mentality
The most cleaning I ever do is rubbing the dirt of the driver with a fingernail
What if you use soap and water to clean the Layer and Driver and just a tad of metal polish on only the Discs to keep them shiny? Will that wear them down? Also, thanks for the advice about being better safe than sorry. Keeping parts disassembled is probably easier for storage anyway.
Never mind, I've decided against metal polish, and am just going to occasionally use a tissue to wipe dust off any parts.
I would say disassembled is probably better so the spring doesn't wear out
Just a wipe down
Clear nail polish is also a good way to keep the stickers on far longer as well. Just lightly spread it across the stickers on your layers, don't over coat.