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Full Version: My new combo(plastic)
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I'm still waiting for the MFB system to release here in Canada and all i have have is my random assortment of parts. I think i have a good combo here and want an option. I know G series base, but there the only one i have left.

AR:triple tiger(Driger G)
WD: ten Balance
base: Dranzer GT

[Image: 2010-03-0620-56-08424.jpg]

note: in the picture(to help with a specific concept)Dranzer GT's base points(can't think of the word) are aligned near the front of the triple tiger(Driger G)'s. this should allow for the upper attack to be improved
Except, the points on the Base will not significantly aid Triple Tiger at all.

Using Light Sharp for Upper Attack doesn't make sense either; it is too tall, and does not have enough movement.
Ok, Thanks for the option and info. I'll see if there's any other combos i can make using triple tiger as the base part.