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Full Version: Plastic generation parts!
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Hey WBO-Bladers,

As the title suggests: I’m looking for spare parts of the plastic generation Beyblades which are gathering dust in your shelves. 

Can contain anything: Weight Disk, Blade Bases, Clips to attach the Spin Gear to the blade bases, Bit Chips, Bit Chip Protectors, Attack Rings, ...

Just about anything that is lying around and needs a second life. 

Have a lot of spare parts lying around? Hit me up, show some pics and maybe we’ll have a deal :-)

Bumpity Bump: Mainly looking at spare clips (to keep the Spin Gear attached to the Blade Base) and Bit Chips right now. These can be mailed fairly cheap :-)

Anyone have any lying around?
I have a lot of plastic gen beyblade parts