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Full Version: Rev Up Launchers (Metal Masters) + other launchers
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*Updated prices and added accurate shipping costs*

Hi guys! I'm located in Australia and selling various older collectible Beyblade launchers! They are all brand new in box in excellent condition. Great collectors item.

Beyblade Metal Masters - Rev Up Launcher 
75 USD

[Image: UVGPWtx.jpg]
Beyblade Metal Masters - Wind and Shoot Launcher
Can send off with rev up launcher for an extra 15 USD

Or buy by itself for 25 USD

[Image: s-l300.jpg]

Beyblade Metal Masters - Custom Grip Beyblade Gear
Please do note that you must have a ripcord launcher to use this, it's just a custom grip holder.
Can send off with rev up launcher for an extra 25 USD

Or buy by itself for 35 USD
[Image: 51TLqyy6L7L_480x480.jpg?v=1501835817]

I'm assuming that most of the community is based in the States or elsewhere, shipping to USA is 15USD for one to two launchers.  Listing prices are not inclusive of shipping costs. Let me know if you have any questions!

Paypal accepted. Paypal email is
A few Rev Up Launchers sold.

Still have some more!
Do you still have the rev up? How much for it only and how much if I want the 3 items?
I also want to buy a rev up launcher and how can I buy it?
Hello, I'm ready to buy now, my address is in the United States, I want ( rev up launcher new )
Is the brown one still in stock?
Sorry guys. I had sold most of them by the time you guys started messaging and I never got notified via email for your replies. All have been sold now.