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Full Version: Beyblade Burst Super Z Episode #30 (October 22, 2018)
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(Oct. 10, 2018  1:14 PM)Valtryek¬†Aoi Wrote: [ -> ]Taking the damage his bey takes... Sounds like some Ash-Greninja stuff to me.

Haha yeah so true?
I like , how Hartz understood that Aiga possesed Dark power and , Shou and fubuki , talking and seems like Shou knew something is going to a wrong way .
Hartz is more sophisticated with the dark power and can absorb damage to his own body, Aiga manage to do the absorption but it was too late when Achilles burst he realize he could resonate with Achilles and feel its pain. So he tries to practice and find somebody to battle to get that feeling back again, but not every time he could call out the dark power, that is why he lost to Toko, and finally he battled with Suou and successfully got that feeling back and he is obsessed using the dark power now. Somebody need to wake him up.
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