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Full Version: Beyblade Burst Turbo (Special Moves)
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All the Special Moves so far will be posted

Winning Slash
Winning Flash Shoot
Winning Jet Shoot
Z Buster
Z Shoot
Z Defense
Z Slash
Z Dive
Emperor Guard
Emperor Drift
Shin Emperor Drift
Emperor Crash
Ragnurak Typhoon
Hurricane Counter
Ragnurak Storm
Dragon Scream
Bloody Squall
Wrath if the Flaming Tornado
Sword Rebellion Hell Slash
Raging Crimson Hellfire
Endless Spin
Archer Strike
Phoenix Break
Revive Impact
Howling Bite
Fourth Impact
Fifth Impact
Chain Protection
Chain Counter
Geist Spin
Geist Claw
Absorb Break
It isn't eternal spin its endless spin
Question, has Ranjiro used Hurricane Counter after his Longnious Cup match with Aiga?
He used it in his battle with Kyle in episode 18
Thank you.