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Full Version: Selling Hasbro Lot all in medium good condition
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Genesis Valtryek 6 vortex reboot x2
Valtryek V2 boost variable
Valtryek spread survive
Yegdrion ring edge
Yegdrion Y2 gravity survive
Xcalius force extreme
Xcalius X2 magnum impact
Roktavor heavy survive
Roktavor R2 gravity revolve
Quetziko Q2 jerk press
Doomscizor oval accel
Kerbeus K2 limited press x2
Unicrest u2 down needle
Betromoth b2 heavy hold
Nepstrius armed zephyr
Evipero wing needle
Odax O2 triple extreme
Blast Jinnius 5 glaive guard
Surge Xcalius 1 Iron
Gaianon G2 quarter fusion
Evipero E2 heavy edge
Horusood H2 upper claw
Spryzen S3 7 merge
Satomb S3 2G loop
 Balkesh B3 2B Atomic
Garuda G3  8F Flugel

Star storm battle set stadium

avatar attack battle set stadium

tons of launchers
How much will it all be
Please Upload your photo , in WBO , ( So , that the person who wants to buy the beyblade , verifies that the beyblade is Original ( No hard feelings, right there Smile ) ,and Please mention your Name in a piece of Paper and keep it near the beyblade ( and Do store the picture for later periods of time !! )