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Full Version: Missing beyblade
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Missing  beyblade  in Philadelphia . lost in west oak lane charter school  the combo is odax jerk lvl1 extreme . We have your beyblade please come back for it .if you would like your bey please come to [[address removed]]. Or I may ship it to you.
Don't put your address online. As for the bey, bring it to your school lost and found.
Hi @[Blitzen], it's great that you want to help reuinite the Beyblade you found with its owner. However, as sakura said, the better course of action would be to take it to your school's lost and found. (If you don't know where that is, go to the school office. Someone there should be able to help you out.)

Also, please don't post your address on the internet. It's not a safe thing to do.

I'll close this thread since I don't think it's likely the person will be here online and how the lost and found will be the best place for it.