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Full Version: Zero-G Metal Wheel - Revizer/Leviathan
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Leviathan features a round design with molded details depicting a sea serpent, meant to represent the anime's rendition of this Wheel's beast. With only two shallow gaps in the perimeter, Leviathan has very little recoil, making it an ideal choice for Defense combinations. However, due to numerous other gaps featured elsewhere on the Wheel, Leviathan is also very unbalanced which drains Stamina and exacerbates the recoil it does have, requiring a Synchrome combination to solve the balance problem, making Leviathan unsuitable for Limited Format combinations.

While Leviathan features a low recoil design, its unbalanced nature makes it unsuitable for Limited Format combinations, However, in Standard Format, the use of Synchrome can solve the balance problems, making Leviathan one of the better choices for Defense combinations.

As such, Leviathan is a welcome addition for competitive bladers in the Standard Format and is recommended for collection purposes only for competitive bladers in the Limited Format.