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Full Version: Metal Wheel - L-Drago Destroy/L-Drago Destructor
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L-Drago Destructor is a 4-D Wheel designed for Left Spin Attack. As part of the 4D System, L-Drago Destructor is composed of two parts, a Metal Core and PC Frame. which can be adjusted for two modes, "Attack Mode" and "Absorb Mode". The Metal Core features three dragon heads, meant to represent this Wheel's namesake; the constellation Draco, that make up the points of recoil and the PC Frame features six blades, alternating between plastic and rubber. Unlike most other post-Hybrid Wheel System Fusion Wheels, L-Drago Destroy is incompatible with any Energy Ring, with the slots for the Launcher molded into the metal instead.

In Absorb Mode, the dragon heads of the Metal Core lay on top of the plastic sections of the PC Frame, exposing the Frame's rubber. When spinning slower than the opponent, the rubber allows for Spin Equalization, where the Wheels of two opposite spinning Beyblades work akin to gears and equally distribute their spin, by acting as a cushion against impact and increasing friction between Layers to propel L-Drago Destructor faster and reducing recoil to increase the rate of contact. However, the effect, while still there, is not as great as that of the L-Drago II Wheel as the amount of exposed rubber along the perimeter is less than that on the aforementioned Wheel. Furthermore, due to the lower placement of the rubber, they will act as brakes against the stadium floor, severely limiting Life-After-Death potential which is critical for Spin Equalization combinations.

In Attack Mode, the dragon heads of the Metal Core lay on top of the rubber sections of the PC Frame, preventing them from coming into contact with the opponent's Wheel. Furthermore, the plastic sections are much smaller than the rubber, creating larger gaps between the dragon heads and improving Smash Attack potential. While the intended Smash Attack is present with less risk of Self Knock-Outs than other Wheels, it is limited against more common Right Spin opponents due to the fact that L-Drago Destructor and the opponents Wheel will still work like gears. Finally, the weakness of the rubber scraping against the stadium floor is still present.

L-Drago Destroy features both Smash Attack and Spin Equalization potential which once made it an excellent choice for Left-Spin Attack and Spin Equalization combinations. However, due to the poor Life-After-Death and the release of Variares which has greater success in Left Spin Attack and the Zero-G Synchrome System, L-Drago Destroy has become heavily outclassed. Furthermore, the Wheel's heavy weight makes it banned in Limited Format.

As such, L-Drago Destroy is recommended for collection purposes only.

==Differences in the non-Hyperblades Hasbro Version==
Hasbro's non-Hyperblades and Legends release of L-Drago Destructor is much more hollowed out and thus much lighter than its Takara Tomy counterpart. While this makes the Wheel legal in Limited Format, it severely reduces Smash Attack potential, making the Wheel outclassed by Lightning for Left Spin Attack. While the lighter weight improves Spin-Equalization potential, the poor Life-After-Death still applies which makes it outclassed by the L-Drago II Wheel.

As such, L-Drago Destructor is also recommended for collection purposes only.
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