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Full Version: Metal Wheel - Lightning
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Lightning is a Hybrid Wheel designed for Left Spin Attack and features six blades. Like other Left Spin Wheels, Lightning is only compatible with the Energy Ring it was released with, L-Drago. Both the L-Drago Wheel and Lightning Wheel can be adjusted for two modes: "Barrage Mode" and "Upper Mode".

In Barrage Mode, the Energy Ring exposes the blades made up of three smaller protrusions, meant to create a multi-hit "Barrage Attack". However, Lightning is too recoil heavy for the sustained contact against an opponent needed for such an Attack to occur. Furthermore, due to Lightning's Left Spin nature means that it and a Right-Spin opponent will spin together like gears if they are of similar spin speed which heavily reduces recoil and rate of Knock-Outs.

In Upper Mode, the Energy Ring exposes three claw like blades, meant for Upper Attack. While the angle of the blades is too obtuse for such an Attack to occur, Lightning's Upper Mode instead features high Smash Attack potential with low risk of self-Knock-Outs, even against Right Spin opponents.

Furthermore, Lightning's Left Spin nature also grants the Wheel spin equalization potential when spin speed drops, while not the degree of other wheels such as L-Drago II, it is still somewhat comparable.

==Use in Attack Combinations==
Lightning can be used in the Attack Combination Lightning L-Drago (Upper Mode) S130/CH120/100/90/85 RF/R2F/LRF. The Smash Attack potential of Lightning's Upper Mode is bolstered by the low height of S130/CH/120/100/90/85 and the high speed of RF/R2F/LRF. Furthermore, any recoil that would Knock-Out the combination is mitigated by the friction of RF/R2F/LRF.

Due to Lightning's high Smash Attack potential in Upper Mode, it was once a key part in many Attack Combinations. However, due to the release of the heavier 4D Wheel System and Zero-G's Synchrome gimmick, Lightning is simply too light to remain competitive. However, in the Limited Format where 4D Wheels and Synchrome are banned, Lightning is still top tier.

As such, Lightning is a must have for competitive bladers in the Limited Format and a welcome addition overall.
Maybe lighting can work well with CF