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Full Version: Metal Wheel - Blitz
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Blitz is a 4D Fusion Wheel designed for Attack. As part of the 4D System, Blitz is composed of two parts, a Metal Core and a Metal Frame, which can be adjusted for two modes; "Smash Mode" and "Barrage Mode".

In Smash Mode, the Core and Frame form three large blades with wide gaps in between, meant to increase recoil and in turn, Smash Attack potential. Of the two modes, Smash mode is preferred as the gimmick functions as intended.

In Barrage Mode, the Core and Frame form six smaller blades with small gaps in between, meant to create a "barrage of Attacks" and strike the opponent more often, reducing their stamina. In practice however, creating smaller gaps reduces both recoil and Attack potential and instead creates a greater stamina risk for the Blitz combination instead.

Due to the two piece construction, Blitz is much heavier than standard Fusion Wheels and the weight bolsters the Attack potential of Smash Mode, further improving its Attack potential. However, the same construction makes Blitz fairly fragile, with numerous cases of the Frame breaking. Furthermore, the three bladed shape makes Blitz struggle against Left-Spin opponents and the high recoil creates a heavy self Knock-Out risk when not used on rubber tips.

Due to Blitz's heavy weight and high recoil shape in Smash Mode, it would be a key part in many Attack combinations. However, due to the release of Wheels such as Flash and the release of the Zero-G System and Synchrome gimmick, Blitz has become heavily outclassed. Furthermore, due to Blitz's weight, it is also banned in the Limited Format.

As such, Blitz is not a must have, but is instead a welcome addition to any blader's collection.

==Differences in the non-Hyperblades Hasbro Version==
Hasbro's release of Blitz, like all other 4D Fusion Wheels, had been heavily simplified compared to the Takara Tomy release. Hasbro's Blitz is of a one piece construction, which removes the mode change gimmick and keeps the Wheel in "Smash Mode", and is very hollowed out, making it much lighter. While the shape of the Wheel is near identical to its Takara Tomy counterpart and the lighter weight makes Hasbro's Blitz legal in the Limited Format, it is outclassed by other Wheels such as Screw.

As such, Hasbro's Blitz is recommended for collection purposes only.

However, the Blitz Wheel released as part of the Hyperblades System is completely identical to the Takara Tomy release which also makes it a welcome addition to any blader's collection.
Wait, why is this being re-drafted right now?
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This should be a must have. Blitz is an amazing wheel which can even rival Flash.