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Full Version: need help with my custom beyblade
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ok so i need some help with myt custom beyblade so here is what i have so far im still trying to decide on some of the pieces right now

attack ring: Upper Dragoon or Eight Attacker
weight disk: Eight Wide
spin gear: Neo Right SG (S-MG Core)
blade base: SG Metal Flat 2

ok so remember im still working on it trying to make it better if you have any suggestions then just let me know ok

now what im trying to decide on is the attack ring with the epper dragoon AR it seems to absorb the attacks like it doesnt take damage so its like a defense and it good against attack types but with the Eight Attacker AR it seems to be lighter so it has more stamina but also alot of defense and attack and it charges at the opponents and takes them down with ease so do i want it to absorb attacks with no damage or do i want it to charge up and take down the opponent quickly please help me i dont have as much time to train as i used to because of school
There are threads to help you on these kind of things. I cannot get hold of a link right now because I am on a specific device that doesn't copy out URLs.
Eight Attacker isn't all that great. Use Upper Dragoon with a 10 Heavy, which will give you a pretty solid Upper Attack combo.
ok thanks aqua do you have any tips to help with the speed and spin
there really not that much costuimizion with your parts besides the attack rings
(Mar. 01, 2010  11:53 PM)Ashari Wrote: [ -> ]there really not that much costuimizion with your parts besides the attack rings
yes i know im still experimenting with my custom so right now i have

bit beast:kid dragoon
attack ring:dragoon upper
weight disk:ten heavy
base:metal weight
bottom:metal flat