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Full Version: Michael's Birthday BeyDay Throwdown
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(Aug. 26, 2018  1:29 AM)The Supreme One Wrote: [ -> ]We had 21 people & ran swiss format. Placers were:

1st - The Supreme One
2nd - TheBeybladeKid
3rd - SoulBurner
4th - TrueXiXAzrael

Stage 1 Link
Stage 2 Link

Thanks TSO!
Action Required: Tournament Spreadsheet & Fees Overdue
Hello @[Mstubbs88], can you please submit the following for this event as soon as possible:

  • Results Spreadsheet (post link here and you can copy the spreadsheet template here)
  • Winning Combinations (post here)
  • Funds Collected (please send to with a note indicating which tournament the payment is for).

The submission of the above is overdue as our Organizer's Guide states:
Quote:All tournament fees must be submitted via PayPal to no later than 14 days after a tournament has taken place.


The results spreadsheet must be filled out and linked in your tournament topic no later than 14 days after your event takes place.

If you have already submitted any of the above somewhere, please let us know the details. And if you have any questions or need any help, please let us know! Thank you.
@[Mstubbs88], please copy this sheet and make following edits:
Check entry fees
Check usernames
Add Winning Combos

Check sheet here:
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