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Full Version: Launcher Wear
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It’s become apparent to me that my launchers are worn, as I can no longer launch my Hell Salamander with very much power. Is it true that launchers wear. If they do, can anyone recommend to me some launchers with a bit of longevity and lasting strength?

all launchers wear. you should think of them as semi-disposable.

the best launchers, imo, are b-88 variants. b-112 variants are my 2nd favorite.
I'm not too sure about the Xcalius X3 sword launcher for Hasbro. I haven't had it due to localisation issues and I'm in Australia but I might know for a fact that Hasbro has never improved the wear and tear of the insides of the launchers. 25 launches of a ripcord launcher resulted in its inside stripping off of its plastic.