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Full Version: Nordic Beymeeting?
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Hello everybody near Finland!

I've been browsing this forum and found threads asking for an official WBO tournament in Sweden, Norway, and Estonia.

So now thought about asking you guys to share your thoughts on why any hasn't happened?

My thoughts: 

I understand that most of you want a local tournament in your home city. You don't want or can't travel long hours for just a few hours of blading.
If you are underage you will need an adult to accompany you, but your parents don't see a Beyblade tournament/event as important as a hockey/football or other mainstream sport.
Even if you could get to a mayor city after a long trip, you don't want or can't make high expense in staying overnight at a motel/hotel/hostel

I have offered my BB-10 stadiums for a tournament in Sweden and Estonia, but nobody has replied to my offer.
I live in Vantaa, Finland, it's part of the finnish metropolitan area so I can take a ferry and go to Sweden or Estonia and I have asked for a date, time and place to meet up, but nobody has replied!

So IF I can arrange a place to meet (school or youth center), with the possibility to be overnight (or a weekend) would anyone be willing to even consider a Nordic Beymeeting?

Please reply so we can at least once make this happen!

Oh, and the meeting doesn't have to be only about Beyblade, it can also be about retrogaming i.e?