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Full Version: Whats on your iPhone home screen?
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With the latest iphone sales quota i would assume im not the only one on this board with an iphone. So whats your current home screen look like
[Image: iphonneee.jpg][Image: iphone.jpg]
Is it ok to post JB screenshots?
I dont know what JB means but sure I dont care lol. Knock yourself out!
Jailbreak right? I don't think it matters too much, least not if you were just posting pics. If you were discussing it that might be a different matter.
[attachment=1728][attachment=1727] Love it <3

And yeah, it's Jailbroken.
Wow that home screen is killer!
um i have the normal stuff when i first got it and does it have to be iphone mine's itouch
@ Giga: How can you place more than four icons in a row?
Is there an app or something?
I might use it.
You have to jailbreak. We should take this to PMs if you really want it.
Jailbreaking isn't illegal, I don't see why it can't be discussed here.

That is a sick theme.
Thanks Smile I figured that, I guess I'll post:

Jailbreaking software
Helpful advice: and
My theme is matte nano btw