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Full Version: Help With Fixing LR Launcher Takara Tomy
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(Jul. 20, 2018  2:43 PM)Godly_Requiem Wrote: [ -> ]No problem glad I could help Grin

In fact when I had another look, for my B-88 the nubs on the 8 shape weren’t really worn, it was actually the black circular teeth on the outer ring that were maybe being pushed outward due to the stress of heavy beys, so they get deformed, so they get don’t hold the nubs & hence slip.  

Instead of shoving paper (which could force the outer ring outwards out of shape more) glue is better.  But once there is no clicking, cranking the beyblade the opposite way to fix the bey onto the launcher, if done strongly & violently, could transfer undue stress to the other internal gears in the main housing.  

Perhaps even better could be to put the outer ring in hot water for a few mins then evenly bend/push back the outer ring casing inwards working all around 360 degrees, rinse in cold water to set, & the clicking should be tight again.

And/or place the 8 shape in hot water, bend/push it so the nubs (if they are not too worn) get pushed outward more, then cold water rinse to set.

The design failure may also be in the plastic construction of the outer ring, as there is no reinforcement to stop it from being pushed outward over time by the nubs.  Maybe thicker material would prevent this if they realise this flaw for new designs in future.  Metal would probably be more reliable but idk if it would shrink a bit in winter weather & cause looseness.
(Jul. 20, 2018  2:46 PM)GOD CHIPS Wrote: [ -> ]IS using a 'repaired' LR launcher banned ? ( I suppose the answer is a straight ' NO ' but I would like to know other answers too ..)

(Jul. 21, 2018  11:31 AM)TCBlading Wrote: [ -> ]It will probably be banned especially if it becomes obvious that it performs better than another normal launcher.  But, who would open up the prong assembly to inspect everyone’s launcher?  I doubt how inspecting the inside of a launcher would practically be carried out or even allowed due to time constraints, at a tournament.

Also, full power launches don’t always mean more wins, & could even cause a loss depending on the type of beys squaring off vs each other.

Repairs are allowed if and only if the same exact parts are used from the same kind of launcher. For instance, you can't swap the internals of the speed and heavy launchers. But since the red Beylauncher LR and its blue version are built with the same parts, that would be fine.

How hard it'd be to check or not though, you should play legal all the same, haha.
Bumping this thread up to see if anyone finds this useful
(Apr. 20, 2019  3:54 PM)Godly_Requiem Wrote: [ -> ]Bumping this thread up to see if anyone finds this useful

No need to bump threads unnecessarily. Users are able to use the search function. Or when they ask for help regarding this topic, someone will direct them to this thread.
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