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Full Version: WTB Xcalius Starter Set with Sword Launcher
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Hi everyone,

I am looking for the Hasbro Xcalius starter set with sword lancher. I know they are available in Canada and other countries online but I cannot order them as I live in the United States. I would like 2. One for me and my son.

[Image: latest?cb=20180519144556]
Only last week there was someone in the marketplace subforum selling a new set like this.

From what I hear this launcher has the best launch speed, but you can easily strip and damage the gears after not much use at all. If you and your son are looking for a main launcher to use I would suggest looking at an official takara tomy string launcher on eBay, or a red left/right launcher from local stores.
If you're still on the hunt. Target have them on their online stores.

Oops wrong link ... Here is the one