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Full Version: Buying Plastic Beyblades (HMS included!!)
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I am looking to buy Plastic generation beyblades, brand new in box or assembled. If assembled, they will have to be in good condition with all stickers intact. If possible kindly email me at or whatsapp me at as I will be more active there. I live in Singapore and wish for the blades to be delivered here.

Looking for:

2. Dranzer G (Japan or Hasbro version)
3. Flash Leopard 1 
4. Black Dranzer
5. Trypio
6. Trygle
7. any rare blades

PM Me with what you have even if I didnt list it up there! 

Thank you

Please have a look at my selling thread. I'm selling many Plastic generation beyblades, used but good condition.
My Advanced Striker auction is ending soon: