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Full Version: Spin Retribution
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(Nov. 21, 2018  2:19 AM)Frostic Fox Wrote: [ -> ]
(Sep. 09, 2018  5:51 PM)EmphaticYogi Wrote: [ -> ]Results :

Click the link here : CLICK ME!

Action Required: Tournament Spreadsheet Fixings & Fees Overdue
Hello @[EmphaticYogi], can you please submit the following for this event as soon as possible:

  • Results Spreadsheet needs fixing: It looks like the Final Scores tab is incomplete. Also, there are at least 2 misspellings in the spreadsheet. And I think there is possibly 1 new account that needs to be created (unless that is also a misspelling?).
    • Misspellings (use Edit-> Find and Replace, and apply to All Sheets for quick fixing):
      • "Addyaustin" should be "addyaustin"
      • "Gingkarl" should be "GingkaRL"
    • Possible new account? (Please PM Kei or ~Mana~ to create this if needed, or just correct it if it's a mispelling)
      • ParthBhutani
  • I think that covers everything, but do double-check.

  • Funds Collected (please send to with a note indicating which tournament the payment is for).

    The submission of fees is overdue as our Organizer's Guide states:
    All tournament fees must be submitted via PayPal to no later than 14 days after a tournament has taken place.
  • You did submit the results though, leaving you just some extra steps to take. Thanks for getting those results in, as well as posting the winning combos!

    If you have already submitted any of the rest somewhere, please let us know the details. And if you have any questions or need any help, please let us know! Thank you.
I have contacted you guys so many times , and finally today you realise that it is overdue. Please PM me so that we can discuss this properly.
The following account has been created:

- ParthBhutani
This tournament has now been processed.

New results spreadsheet for our records with some minor errors fixed and an updated, more descriptive file name:
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