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Full Version: Burst Sale, Early Burst, Triple Booster, and RB 3 Items for Sale!
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Seeing how I'm in college now, I don't really have much time for Beyblade anymore. As such, I'm posting everything here for sale, just go ahead and send a PM if you're interested with a suggested price.

Keep in mind these are all Takara Tomy and not Hasbro.

All the RB 3 items are complete and the Triple Booster Items. There are a few spare parts and some launchers thrown in, everything you see if available unless otherwise said below. I'd rather sell complete beys than in parts but I can try and make do depending on the situation.
Hope you enjoy and send a PM if anything catches your eye before someone else does!
Hey! You still got your beylogger and string launcher by chance?
i'd like a winning valkryie

can I have a launcher by chance please how much btw