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Full Version: Hasbro sections
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I was going over the wiki (actually went over every article of pieces that Hasbro has released) and noticed several "difference" sections missing. Some I noticed were outdated as well (calling U2 outclassed by U but a welcome addition while the U article says U is recommended for collection purposes only). I do not know about drafting or editing, so I will simply leave here the articles that are missing a Hasbro section (I know discs and frames don't need one) and mention the ones I think should be checked and straight up post what every article says in the Overall section for Hasbro (or regular Overall for discs and frames).

I used KJ's parts list so the list still has the amount of each piece that he has.

Legend-> CP: Collection Purposes. WA: Welcome Addition. MH: Must Have. Does not have a Hasbro section.

Energy Layers
Anubion A2 x2
Betromoth B2 x2 CP
Caynox x2
Cognite C3 x2 CP
Diomedes D2 x2
Doomscizor x3 CP
Doomscizor D2 x3 CP
Doomscizor D3 x2 CP
Evipero x2 CP
Evipero E2 x2 CP
Fafnir F3 x4 MH
Fengriff F2 x2 CP
Gaianon G2 x2 CP
Garuda G3 x2 MH
Horusood x2 CP
Horusood H2 x3 CP
Hyrus H2 x2
Ifritor I2 x2 CP
Istros I2
Jinnius J3 x2 CP
Jormuntor J2 x2
Kerbeus x3 WA
Kerbeus K2 x5 CP
Luinor L2 x2
Minoboros x3 CP
Minoboros M2 x2 CP
Nepstrius x2 CP
Nepstrius N2 x3
Odax x3 CP
Odax O2 x4
Orpheus O2
Phantazus P2 x2
Quetziko Q2 x2 CP
Roktavor x3 WA
Roktavor R2 x4 CP
Roktavor R3 x2 CP
Satomb S3 x2 CP
Spryzen x4 CP
Spryzen S2 x3
Spryzen LS3 x2 MH
Surtr S2
Treptune x3
Tyros T2
Unicrest x3 CP
Unicrest U2 x3 WA
Valtryek x5 CP
Valtryek V2 x5 CP
Valtryek V3 x5 CP
Wyvron x2 CP
Wyvron W2 x6 CP
Wyvron W3 x2 CP
Xcalius x3 CP
Xcalius X2 x4 CP
Xcalius X3 x2 MH
Yegdrion x2 WA
Yegdrion Y2 x4 CP
Zeutron Z2 x2 CP

Forge Discs CP unless stated otherwise
1 x2 WA
2 x4 WA
4 x6 MH
5 x2 MH
6 x5 CP
7 x4 MH
8 x4 CP
Armed x4
Boost x9
Central x6
Down x3
Force x9
Gravity x8 WA
Heavy x10 WA
Infinity x4
Jerk x2
Knuckle x7
Limited x5
Magnum x5
Nine x2
Oval x8
Polish x2 WA
Quarter x2
Ring x5
Spread x6
Triple x6
Upper x3
Vertical x7
Wing x7
Yell x4

Disc Frames
Cross x4 MH
Flow x2 CP
Glaive x8 MH
Meteor x2 MH
Vortex x5 WA

Performance Tips
Accel x10 WA
Atomic x2 MH
Blow x3
Claw x6
Cycle x2
Defense x6
Edge x10
Flugel x6
Fusion x6
Guard x2
Gyro x2
Hold x2
Hunter x2 WA
Impact x5
Iron x2
Jaggy x13
Liner x3
Loop x2
Massive x6
Merge x2
Needle x7
Nothing x2 CP
Orbit x2 WA
Press x7
Quake x3
Reboot x3 CP
Revolve x4 CP
Spiral x2
Survive x7
Trans x2
Unite x4
Variable x5 CP
Weight x2
Xtreme x7 MH
Zephyr x5

Please review everything and see if there are more inconsistencies, all that stuck out to me was the Unicrest situation.
KJ and I are working on making this list into a spreadsheet with some extra notes so people can look at a single place to find the Overall section for every piece at a glance instead of having to look at every page. I will share the link later on, once we're done, and maybe we should consider an article that includes this information to save people time and make it easier to get into the competitive scene.

Sorry for the long post, but it's something I have noticed and need help addressing.

Thank you for your time,