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Full Version: Buying fakes Beyblade -> air delivery fail (contraband)
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I was looking for some fakes beyblade to do a video on it, to explain the differences between real and fakes.
So i ordered a set from aliexpress

I tracked the package and I saw that message : Sinotrans-HGH-Hand over to airline failure:Hand over to airline failure(contraband)

What's the meaning ? Is it considered as a counterfeit ? Will they keep and destroy my package or will i have to pay some additional fees ?
Yes, fake Beyblades are considered counterfeit and are illegal to at least sell in countries that are against counterfeits. If you are using them for your own self with no intent to sell, you may get them fine, but it looks like that may be a no in this case. It depends on the laws of your country and, sometimes it seems, just how customs is feeling.

So yeah, can't be sure what will happen next. It really depends on your country's laws and what customs decides.