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Full Version: Are these beys real TT or fake?
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Sup guys, i just wanted to be sure for these beyblades, its written they are from Takara Tomy but they are not really expensive ( around 20/25$ ).

You can't be sure with an Amazon listing from third-party sellers. I was scammed by a third-party Japanese seller for a different thing I bought, them being a third-party seller when Amazon was out of stock. It's like eBay, except they don't have to make their own listing for it, they are able to just "join" an existing one and say they have it. You won't know until you get it (or until you don't, in my case).

If you're looking for cheap prices, though you'll have to wait about 2 weeks for them, check out leosama's thread for eBay:

If it's fulfilled by Amazon, even if sold by a third-party seller, I would be more willing to try it since at least Amazon would be handling any shipping/refunding issues.

Samurai Shop is said to be a good seller on Amazon, if they're selling. 88powerpig88 seems to also have an account there, but I'm not 100% sure if it's the same seller from eBay.
talking from personal experince if it says takara tomy then trust it but you can try other sellers too and maby concider getting prime for faster dilivery
Ok thx guys!
Its me again, what about that...

its extremly cheap but it says takara tomy,is that normal?
The price is too suspicious to me. I wouldn't buy it. The person doesn't even have 100 ratings and sells many different things under the sun from China. Could easily just be fakes and the seller doesn't realize it or is just a scammer. charges about $30 CAD, and that's a rather significant difference.

If you want to experiment with throwing $6 CAD at it, it's up to you, but it'd probably be a waste.

Updated the link to be for eBay Canada and put the CAD price.
Normally I will keep this info to myself, but I will just share my experience. Pay attention to Location, Ratings of the seller's selling rate(even looking at the rater's items that were bought), brand, picture, and the item's that the seller is selling.
Anyone know if this will be real the price seems too cheap for it to be sold for that and the sellers got good ratings.
(May. 20, 2018  8:02 PM)Draklord7 Wrote: [ -> ]
Anyone know if this will be real the price seems too cheap for it to be sold for that and the sellers got good ratings.
this seller has been found to be selling counterfeit products.

If you’re looking for a good bL, I think I’ve got the link in my sig.