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Full Version: Tell us your history of Beyblade.
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Alright, I decided to make a new topic after not being active for a year. This topic is about what you know about Beyblade and what started you to get involved into the game. Thought it would a fun little thing to do, so I'll start with my history. 

Hm...I can't remember what year it was, but when I was very young, my father bought me one of the 1st Gen Beyblades which I had no ideas what a Beyblade is. Never seen the show nor seen them in action, but what I did enjoying was building the toy. My goodness, it was fun but also a pain. I never got to finish building the toy. It was too difficult. I gave up and threw it away.

Skip ahead a few years when Metal Fusion was around. My brother owned one of the Beys and had a stadium along with it. So did my youngest brother. I wanted to get a Hey of my own, but my father goes to Wal-Mart whenever he wants and sometimes, I don't have the money for one. My father and I once visited into a flea market and I took a look around. I was shocked to see Yugioh cards, Pokémon, cards and Beyblades in the row of boxes. Reminder, this was back when I didn't know they were all fakes, so I bought a box of a Bey that caught my eye and stuck with it, played against my brothers and we had a splendid time.

And now, after a few more years, we came to the Burst Era. My brothers were already out of the game bit I lived on. Burst caught my attention and I really wanted to purchase one when I got a new job. Watched through all of the orginal Beyblade series and planned to watch the Burst series well. I own 3 Burst Beys that were later lost, so as of now. I don't own any Beys bit I do plan on purchasing new ones later on.

If only I could find a way to play against anyone who likes this game, cause the community seems small. Planning to collect them as well. I like the designs; the reason these things caught my attention and play with them as well.
Nice to hear your story! But I guess there is already the Blader's Story thread which cover's this topic. So, you can post your story thread and give that thread some attention too Wink