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Full Version: Plastic Collection for Sale
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Hey you all, I'm listing my plastics collection. A few things: 
* PM offers - I will almost certainly accept any offer at market value unless I receive a superior offer simultaneously. 
* I will accept marginally lower offers if you purchase more than one beyblade. 
* PM me for more pictures of specific beyblades/further inquiries on past usage. 
* The buyer pays shipping and I will ship to the US only. It should be relatively inexpensive, however.
* The stadium and accessories are also for sale, although the stadium is a bit damaged. 

[Image: Beyblade.jpg]

Bumping this, still very open to offers
How much for master dragoon
(Jun. 29, 2018  4:01 PM)Battleburst Wrote: [ -> ]How much for master dragoon

Sorry for just getting back now, I just saw this. You can PM me an offer, and I also have it listed as part of an auction lot here:
Do you have a dark green draciel g (hasbro)