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Full Version: booster trouble
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im going to get at least $300-$400 so what boosters should i get
(May. 07, 2018  10:44 PM)beymaster35 Wrote: [ -> ]im going to get at least $300-$400 so what boosters should i get

Probably the new bloody longinus, and um, not sure what else is a booster. Help?
Are you just asking about Cho-Z Beyblades? Or are you just getting into Burst now?

Because if you're not caught up yet in Burst, I would recommend the B-98 God Customize Set, the Standard Type Stadium, and an LR launcher of some sort. Then start with Cho-Z or whatever else from there. GCS will give you a good foundation of parts for a good price, and then you'll definitely want the other two things for the road ahead.
What do you already have in your collection?

Your first priorities should be a stadium and a launcher, if you don’t already have one.

There’s no point in buying Beyblades if you have nowhere to spin them. B-09 is a great, durable and tournament - legal stadium. If you are able to buy this, you shouldn’t settle for any other stadium.

Buy B-09 here!

And you’re gonna need a launcher to spin them, so your best bets would be the Long Light Launcher LR, or the Beylauncher LR. You only need one, so don’t get both.

Buy B-112 Long Light Launcher LR!

Buy B-88 BeyLauncher LR here!

After you’ve got these basics down, you’ll need some BeyBlades to use them with. If you’re going into tournaments, you’ll definitely need these.

The God Customize Set has many competitive parts in it, such as the 7 disk, Deep Chaos, Bearing, Bump, Atomic, and more. 

Buy the God Customize Set!

Nightmare Longinus is the best left spin layer for attack - so u should get that too.

Buy Nightmare Longinus!
Spriggan Requiem is similarly excellent and dominating the meta right now, although it might get hit with a banhammer soon. It also comes with an L/R Light Launcher, which is pretty fair on the power front and can wield beys in both spin directions.