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Full Version: Beyblade Burst [Dual][RAW][SUB][720p] - S1/S2/S3E36 Dual, SUB Complete S4E25 RAW
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Beyblade Burst

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Valt Aoi is crazy about Beyblade. Valt’s best friend since childhood, Shu Kurenai, is hailed as a Beyblade prodigy and has already been named as one of the National Beyblade Tournament’s Supreme Four. Inspired by Shu’s accomplishments, Valt sets his sights on reaching this year’s national tournament. But to get to the big leagues, he must first emerge victorious from the district tournament – no easy feat, given the tough opponents standing in his way. Determined to win, Valt aims to make it to the championship, where he hopes to battle Shu and move on to the national tournament. As he battles, Valt broadens his circle of friends and reaches new heights. Without even realizing it, he has begun to dream of becoming the best Blader in the world.

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Season 1 Dual (Complete)
Season 2 Dual (Complete)
Season 3 Dual (Ongoing)
Season 3 English Subbed (Ongoing)
File Host: MEGA
Associated Groups: (Source: Video,Web-DL,Japanese Audio, Subtitles=Hoshi no Yume
File Size: 430 MB @ 720p (1280x720)
Audio: English Dub, Original Japanese)
File Extension: MKV  

Dual Audio
Audio Track 1 (Default): English 2.0 AAC
Audio Track 2: Japanese 2.0 AAC

Subtitle Track 1 (Default): English (Cut Scenes) (.carp) * if applicable / some don't have any cuts.
Subtitle Track 2: English Dialogue [Subtitle Source] (.carp)

Subbed Only

Audio Track 1 (Default): English 2.0 AAC

Subtitle Track 1 (Default): Classic Subtitles
Subtitle Track 2: HnY-Style Subtitles with karaoke

[Image: download.png]

Beyblade Burst Season 1 Dual Audio English + Japanese with English Subtitles (1-51)
Beyblade Burst Evolution (Dual Audio English and Japanese 1-23 Subs 24-51 no Subs)

File Hosts:

(Season 1) Dual Audio with Subtitles (Complete)
(Season 2) Dual Audio with Sub (1-21), without sub (22-51)
(Season 3) Beyblade Burst Turbo Dual Audio Eng and Jpn with Eng Subs (With Dubbed Previews) 1-38 so far
(Season 4) Beyblade Burst GT RAW/SUB Releases (Episode 26 RAW added)

Note: For Turbo/Super Z, when the dual audios are out, I will replace the normal sub with the dual audio ones.

Beyblade Burst Turbo episodes will be uploaded 1 per week, following the Youtube schedule because only the Burst Official Youtube channel
has the previews in English dub. The Youtube ones are like 12 episodes behind the Disney XD' broadcast, which those don't have the next episode previews.
All next episode previews are also dubbed in English. Some episodes have cuts, the ones that do, are subtitled in English.

Super Z Episode 6 sub added.
Super Z Episode 7 v2 added.

8 v2 will be added soon, then 9-10 v1.
Super Z Episode 8-11 Subbed added.
Super Z Episodes 12-14 subbed added.
Super Z 1-13 will have re-releases next month in August. My translator will be doing translation checks to make sure no translation errors. All errors for the inital releases of those episodes will be corrected for the re-releases.
More episodes have been added.
(Aug. 17, 2018  11:22 PM)DranzerX13 Wrote: [ -> ]More episodes have been added.

What do you mean? Where can we watch them?
I want to watch Beyblade burst evolution episode 39. Is it there?
Look out for on next Monday Disney XD at 4p.m. central 5p.m. eastern
Super Z 21 RAW added.
Super Z Episode 22 RAW Web-Rip added.
Beyblade Burst Evolution Episodes 31 and 32 Dual audio (no subs except cut scenes) added.
When the Super Z Episode 16 Sub will be released?
Super Z 23-27 RAW 720p added.
Beyblade Burst Evolution 32-37 720p Uncut Dual audio no subtitles added.
What about Super Z subs 16 onwards?
16-18 are done. Waiting for 19 and 20, and I'll release those 5 at once.
Beyblade Burst Turbo 01 Dual Audio added. Preview in Japanese with English subtitles. The version with preview dubbed will come at a later date. Episode itself has no cuts at all.
Beyblade Burst Turbo 02 Dual Audio added. Preview in Japanese with English subtitles.
It wont play, how does it work, all it says is the file name and data
You need the CCCP codec pack.

Also, Turbo episodes 1-4 dual audio with English subtitles added.
Hey the full 1 minute 52 seconds version of the turbo English dub theme is out can you replace the japanese one for the English one
It won't match with the video, so no can do.
If you want i can edit it in for you
It is just that the ending song will have to wait as it will still have the teletoon logo
Beyblade Burst Super Z #16 and #17 English subbed added.
Beyblade Burst Turbo Episode 5 Dual Audio with English subtitles added. Also, Super Z #18 English subbed added.
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