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Full Version: Beyblade Burst Stadiums
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Quote:==Beyblade Burst Standard Type Stadium==
The Beyblade Burst Standard Type Stadium, like the Metal Fight Attack Type Stadium, features a dish 34 cm in diameter, a Tornado Ridge 25 cm in diameter, three walls, three exits and an undisturbed center dish with a depth of 3 cm. In such a Stadium:

Attack Types can maintain a Banking Pattern in the slope of the dish and can catch onto and speed up on the Tornado Ridge
Defense Types can endure impacts that overcome the Knock-Out resistance of their Tip by colliding against a wall
Stamina Types are not hindered by gimmicks within the dish of the Stadium.

Like all other Takara Tomy Burst Stadiums, the Standard Stadium features a large barrier that is clipped onto the Stadium to catch and prevent parts from flying out when a Burst is achieved. The more recent the release of the Stadium, the wider the opening in the top of the guard is to make it easier to launch without being impeded, however this has no effect on the Beyblades themselves.

Due to the size and shape of the Stadium, no singular type is given an overwhelming advantage over others. As such, the Standard Type Stadium is the only tournament legal Stadium at the time of writing, even for Hasbro only formats.
As such, this Stadium should be every competitive blader's first priority.
Quote:==Beyblade Burst Spike Stadium==
The Beyblade Burst Spike Stadium features an oval dish that is slanted downward to one side, an oval Tornado Ridge that follows the downward slant, a small circular dish of greater depth on the lower side and two pockets on either side of the oval dish. This stadium features four removable spiked barriers that are meant to Burst a Beyblade that comes into contact with it. In such a Stadium:

Attack Types tend to collide with the spikes or fall into the exit as they follow the slant of the stadium instead of following a Banking Pattern.
Defense Types and Stamina Types settle into the smaller dish where they are at risk on being knocked into the exit or spikes by Attack Types due to being so close to either.

Due to the slant of the stadium and location of the exits, all types of Beyblades are heavily disadvantaged. As such, the Spike Stadium is recommended for collection purposes only.

Quote:==Beyblade Burst Wide Type Stadium==
The Beyblade Burst Wide Type Stadium features an oval dish that measures  cm long and  cm wide, an oval Tornado Ridge that measures  cm long and  cm wide, an undisturbed center dish and six exits; two large exits on either side and four small exits on each "corner". The size of the Stadium is meant to facilitate three-way battles. In such a Stadium:

Attack Types are at a heavy disadvantage as the wide play area means that Attack Types can very easily miss Defense and Stamina Types, even with Banking Patterns. Furthermore, with more distance to cover, Defense and Stamina Types are harder to Knock-Out and more stamina is lost by the Attack Type before contact can be made which severely reduces recoil.
Due to the disadvantage given to Attack Types, Defense Types are also at a heavy disadvantage as they do not have enough recoil to Burst or Knock-Out Stamina Types before being out spun.

Due to the unfair advantage given to Stamina Types, the Wide Type Stadium is recommended for collection purposes only.

Quote:==Beyblade Burst Mugen Stadium==
The Beyblade Burst Mugen Stadium features a motorized center, four exits, a smaller area of play and no Tornado Ridge. The center of the Stadium is meant to connect with the Infinite Performance Tip and keep the Infinite Beyblade fixed in place and spinning with the stadium’s motorized center to simulate a strong Stationary Defense/Stamina/Attack Type depending on the Layer used in order to practice Banking Shoots with Attack Types or test a combination’s Burst and/or Knock-Out resistance. The center plate can be replaced with a "Tornado Plate" with an offset dish, akin to a smaller version of the Metal Fight Beyblade Tornado Stadium. This alternative plate spins left and is meant to create highly aggressive movements with non-rubber flat tips. In this Stadium:

Attack Types are at a disadvantage due to the lack of a Tornado Ridge and the smaller play area as they can easily fall into the exits without a ridge to catch onto and the smaller size of the center dish is less effective than that of the Metal Fight Tornado Stadium.
Right Spin Defense and Stamina Types are also at a disadvantage as the Tornado Plate spins left which reduces Stamina.

Due to the greater disadvantages towards Attack Types, the Mugen Stadium is recommended for collection purposes only.