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Full Version: Beyblade BURST and MFB sale
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Cosmic peguses.     10$

Fang Leon.              11$

Death Quetzalcoatl.  11$ 

Variares.   Without launcher.  15$


God Valkyrie.     17 $

Legend spriggan. 17$

Nightmare Longinus. 17 $

Spriggan. Requiem.   25$

Kreis  Satan.            18 $

Super zetsu 

Emperor forneus.      20$

( shipping charges.  us and others 4 $
                              India 2 dollars )

If you want send email to.

Or Wanna buy from me from or in. COMING SOON
Hi do you still have the MFBs for sale?
I'm willing to buy all four MFBs, do you have tagged pics?