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Full Version: SwitchStrike Launcher
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The '''SwitchStrike Launcher''' is a Launcher created by Hasbro for the ''Beyblade Burst: Evolution'' series. It is included with all SwitchStrike Beyblade Starter Packs.

It is compatible with all ''Beyblade Burst'' and ''Beyblade Burst: Evolution'' tops. Like all other Hasbro launchers, connectors on both ends allow multiple launchers to be connected to launch multiple Beyblades at once. Left-spin mode is not compatible with non-left spin launchers, but the [[Super Grip Launcher]] can be used as a grip if another Beyblade is not attached.

The SwitchStrike Launcher has two holes that the [[ripcord]] can be inserted into: one for left spin and another for right spin. The ripcord also includes a build-in tool to change the spin direction of the [[Energy Layer: Legend Spryzen S3|Legend Spryzen]] and [[Energy Layer - Spriggan Requiem|Spriggan Requiem]] [[Energy Layer]]s. Unlike previous Hasbro launchers, this one includes a built-in ratchet to stop the launcher prongs once the ripcord has been fully removed. This allows the Beyblade to be put on the launcher without a ripcord inserted, and prevents the prongs from slowing down the launch by releasing the Beyblade sooner.

While the grip on the end of the ripcord is of a similar design to the one used in Japanese ''Burst God'' launchers, it uses the same sized teeth along the winder as prior Hasbro products. As such, ripcords from either are compatible with both types of launcher.

==See Also==
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