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Full Version: Display Design Help & Feedback
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So I'd like to make a display for single beys. The goal here is to have the final display look somewhat like this.

[Image: 1521305207704.png]

The design so far involves a layout like this, with a base, two vertical rods to hold the 3 separate mounting spots, and the design for each mount is as follows[Image: 1521304999651.jpg]

The top layer being similar to the launcher design, but upside down so it's hidden below the layer and the top can be seen.
The Middle being just a cylinder with the same radius as the hole in the forge disk.
The driver mount being the most complex, would be a cylinder with a hold cut into it similar to the hole on the bottom side of the layer where the driver attaches, so the driver can be twisted into the display just like the layer.

Feedback and suggestions for material would be appreciated. I'm considering 3D Printing the individual parts, and mounting them on wooden dowles affixed to a wooden base. Then I could just paint the mounts. If it all goes well I'd be happy to put the plans and 3D print files out there for others to use!
This is a really cool idea. I can't wait to see the final result!