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Full Version: I Need combo help.
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can someone give me good upper, lower, and smash attack combos and good defensive blades to beat each of them. right now i use,
kid dragoon/ bakushinoh/ trygle AR
mg core
and sg flat BB.
and for defense,
driger s AR
regular SG.
and draciel s BB with 4 metal balls.
Give us a list of parts you have. Read the rules of this forum please.
i cant, i have over 70, and it would take too long and im also getting a bunch of new beyblades, soon. just assume i havem all.
I don't really get what type of combo you want. So you want some combos that will beat the same type of combo or what?
Well I Think he mean that he want a combo that can beat the same combo so that if someone copy this combo and use it agasint him then he can beat the other guy blade
i want upper, lower, and smash attack types. and also defense beyblades that are designed to beat each of those attack types. ps. G check my buying beyblades thread.
ok, btw i meant plastic beyblades not HMS. so can anyone help me?