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Full Version: advantages and disadvantages of a heavy bey?
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What are the main advantages and disadvantages of a heavy bey combo? (Balance, stamina, control etc)
For heavy I mean around 70g.
Higher stamina but dependant on tip. Higher KO resistance. Read my thread on beginner tips Smile
Depends on where that weight is located for Stamina
Heavy beys mean less of a chance of being knocked out, sometimes a special effect with certain tips (ex. Xtreme with Heavy would make it faster because of the weight), and for defense/stamina types maybe even less time outside of center
depending on the shape of the layer and speed of launch,

a heavier bey may have increased burst risk compared to the same layer and driver with a lighter disk due to more recoil
Don't forget that OWD is a huge factor in this. Even if the bey is quite heavy, if it's all in the center it'll make the bey's stamina very bad. But if the weight is compressed into the center it also makes the bey good at staying around the center.
When a bey becomes EXTREMELY heavy, even the slightest of unbalance unbalanced the whole combo. Extreme weight also causes less centrifugal force so it becomes harder for the bey to become upright again.