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Full Version: Had Some thoughts of the new beyblades
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i hope im posting in the right section ,so here gos ,so i been taking a look at the new burst beyblades online
and in the anime so i was thinking " it worth spending money on this again?" so i need to know 
if its worth spending again ,because given the fact that i have metal master beyblades ,i really dont wanna like jump stright foward
and buy beyblade burst beys when i already have metal master beyblades. so point of this thread is ,is it worth the money this time around? 
plese comment and thanks.
It's worth it if you intend to take part in the new tournaments etc.
ah okay Smile well i like the new idea to beyblade burst ,the whole burst idea thats better then the old rules ,it did strike my interest ,but thats my fallback theres hardly anyone where im from to battle with if i ever got into the new trend