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Full Version: what God layer is the "best" and what should I buy
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I know there is a lot of preference in beyblade burst so personally, I like stamina, attack, and balance also I really like mode changes because there is a lot of strategies you can go with, and I love left spin beys but I can't decide on one bey to buy what do you like and what do you recommend.
Also, I know there is no "best bey"
since there is no “best” bey, i’ll just say this:

if i was buying into god layer now, i’d buy all of the following-

b-98 (many many strong parts)
b-100 (versatile layer, heaviest disc)
b-97 (strong left spin attack layer, dominant driver)
b-92 (strong right spin attack layer)
random layer vol. 8. - maximum garuda (high stamina layer that can beat attack beys)
b-00 Amaterios 7Meteor Xtreme (great disc, good frame, and strong attack driver [use the layer to make a christmas ornament or something, lol])

then i’d just wait for super-z beys
If you like stamina, attack and balance, I’d go for Spriggan Requiem since it can technically do all of the above
(Feb. 28, 2018  5:02 AM)RedPanda2 Wrote: [ -> ][use the layer to make a christmas ornament or something, lol])
Mabye I will
So a friend will be buying me a spriggan requelm because he wanted to so I already have spriggan requelm so yah I need a different option than spriggan
The god set is awesome if you can afford it there are some great pieces in there that are competitive.