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Full Version: Selling HMS for 25$
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Hey Guys,

I am selling these two HMS which I don't need anymore.

Sea Dragon MS (Near Mint) - 25 US$

Phantom Fox MS (Used with stickers missing)                  - 30 US$

[Image: UlBSPfr.jpg]

[Image: dk75OBp.jpg]

[Image: kaAyDUh.jpg]

[Image: De3z23E.jpg]

[Image: iEMF4lS.jpg]

Shipping World-wide with 10 US$ Registered parcel and track-able.

If you buy both then 60 US$ including shipping.

Help yourselves with picture. Condition is as stated in the picture.

PM me if interested.
I know it says to PM if interested... But I am wondering if these are still available.
Will the shipping still cost 10 bucks if shipped to Indian states?
All SOLD.. Would like to close the thread.