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Full Version: Beyblade burst app (Hasbro)
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Anyone wanna battle my name on the app is LegendaryDestroyer21428
MightyPhoenix5228 level81

I like to play level 1 or 2 beys with level 5 layers to be a sleeper killer... I love the d33 / td07 or td09 combo. 1 loss in the past week to a guy(or girl) on this forum.... My son says I probabbly make kids cry losing to a level 1 bey, but hey, kid tears make me happy I guess. After you practice, come and battle me.

Best bey to start on the app is Satomb. Find him on the Wiki with all the QR codes or in the green star stadium battle set. Defense types turn other's powers against themselves.

I'm a 37 yr old beyblade addict. I've loved beyblade since the 1990s. I got the 1st set ever made.
My username is MagnificentPhoenix3582.
(Dec. 10, 2018  1:51 AM)snankivell Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone know why i can't select colours for parts i have already scanned? I have scanned in the v3 valtrek from the star set but the app wont let me select the red energy ring

Here:  Try some of the QR codes from this site:
(Dec. 15, 2018  7:39 PM)TH3_BeybladeZen Wrote: [ -> ]
(Dec. 13, 2018  12:30 AM)Jetty Wrote: [ -> ]When we gonna battle though?

Whenever we want.

(Dec. 13, 2018  1:51 AM)Student Blayder Wrote: [ -> ]I play beyblade

K whats your user?

hey guys here you can add your game tag so other people an add you as friends
mines is SupremeTitan7902
looking for friends to battle add away :)   Mysteriousblade13835
My username is immortal vapor 3408 o. The app
mine is rapiddragon6889
Mines is SupremeTitan7902
Legendary Volcano 7988
Legendary Volcano 7988 we will be friends
No one has closed a thread in 5 days, gotta give the mods something to do.  haha

I'm level 83. WAY too many newbies now that 1 in 20 kids in america got a beyblade for Christmas. Come battle me please.
(Dec. 30, 2018  7:47 PM)MightyPhoenix Wrote: [ -> ]No one has closed a thread in 5 days, gotta give the mods something to do.  haha

I'm level 83.  WAY too many newbies now that 1 in 20 kids in america got a beyblade for Christmas.  Come battle me please.

Aye, I sent you a request level 70
Ok, just a little thing about the app:
1. The app is inacurate in calculating bey power
2. In the app, the hunter tip is OP. irl, however, it is TRASH... just saying
3. Why deos the exabition not have level 6?
4. err...i need some friends that are good at the app... i'm not begging or anything, but please friend me. My blader name is Celestial, Poison and my blader ID is 2472 ... nickname me whatever you want, but i would like it if you nickname me "Grimlock"
Thanks for reading and may the bey keep spinning
(Dec. 21, 2018  10:43 PM)Abimaeru Wrote: [ -> ]looking for friends to battle add away Smile   MythicalShadow6958

Request sent  Smile

(Nov. 29, 2018  3:59 AM)Adarsh Abhinav Wrote: [ -> ]
(Nov. 29, 2018  2:34 AM)Adarsh Abhinav Wrote: [ -> ]Eliteflame13566 for me

It's eliteblaze

Request sent  Tongue_out_wink

(Nov. 29, 2018  2:41 AM)Jman jman Wrote: [ -> ]My is superior beast  4476

Request sent  Grin
(Dec. 29, 2018  10:29 AM)LegendSonu Wrote: [ -> ]Legendary Volcano 7988

i sent you a friend request
(Jan. 22, 2019  4:10 PM)mixer Wrote: [ -> ]
(Dec. 29, 2018  10:29 AM)LegendSonu Wrote: [ -> ]Legendary Volcano 7988

i sent you a friend request

I will accept it tommorow i have school tommorow
Im GlimmeringVeil3657 LVL 99.
Yes im GlimmeringVeil3657
(Feb. 19, 2018  9:04 PM)Silversylveon Wrote: [ -> ]hello everyone! I gotten to level 99 of the game and achieved the level of beymaster so I’m looking for some friends to play online with. If you would like, please comment your username. I am CelestialHydra1688 if you would like to to add me. Also which elemental bey skin colour is your favourite? I don’t know why but i really like Xcalius x3’s elemental skin. Also which combo do you like to use the most in the game?

Hi Silversylveon, my name is hwong36. I reached LV 99 and became a BeyMaster on 6/20/18 under my old username Legendary_Titan9724. I am looking for friends to play online for beyblade burst app game, so that I can get better, and one day become one of the greatest BeyMasters of all time. If you have time please add my username LegendaryBlade22272, so that I have friends to challenge online. The game is fun, and I enjoyed playing it. My favorite beys are Geist Fafnir, Dead Hades, and Dead Phoenix. For some reason I like those beys after watching BeyBlade Burst Chouzetsu show.
We finally downloaded the App! So neat! Love how clear & bright the graphics are!
Hey Everyone,

I reached a point where I have to go through 30-40 random matches to find an opponent with another level 5 beyblade. So I'm thinking of just starting over.

I found a way to cheat the system. I want to share so some of ya'll can get to Level 5 on your beyblades and come battle me.

Find QR Codes online, most of ya'll know that one...

Push Avatar Track on all of the ones you have. THEN set your phone's DATE/CLOCK ahead by 1 day. The Avatar Track will automatically "COMPLETE", activate it again and set the date again, and keep it going.

If you focus on 1 beyblade, you can get it from level 1 to level 5 in about 14 minutes. If you do this for a bunch of beyblades, you'll hit LEVEL 99 in a day or 2 instead of spending months on it.

When you're done cheating the clock, be sure to set it back to normal time... otherwise other apps on your phone might stop working. Good news is, once the date is back to normal, they will all start working again. (Like google Play Store is one of the sensitive apps, and online banking)

I'm going to reset my account back to 0, so I'll update ya'll when I get a new user name. I like the challenge. I'd give one of ya'll my account, but really, it's boring and annoying being a very high level without anyone else able to battle you at the same level.

Oh, 1 more thing... I have about 30 level 5 beyblades now....

the BEST level 5s are Phoenix, Salamander, Ameritros, Blast Jinnus, Satomb, & Balkesh. Next best seem to be Lunior L2(NOT L4, it sucks), Spryzen Requiem, & Xcalius. Doomsizer looks good at first, but at level 5 it sucks compared to others at level 5.
(My spelling might suck, sorry)

ALWAYS use D33(middle piece from Xcalius) and either the TD07 or TD 09 tips, from Satomb/Balkesh and Blast Jinnus.

If you use level 5 D33 & TD07, you can even beat 98% of other bladers with someone like an crappy Anubion level 1 top. I kill other bladers with level 1 tops all the time with these 2 level 5 pieces underneath. I LOVE killing other level 5 bladers with a level 1 top, I can just imagine their frustration.

ELITE Valtrek SUCKS. You can't change the pieces and I wanted it to be sooooo good. I refused to do Avatar Tracks, battled all the way to level 5 because it looked so good..... even at level 5, it is stupid levels of terrible. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.
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