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Martin Luther King Jr. Park
Burst, Metal Fight Limited!
Directions/Additional Information
1120 Jackson Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904. We will be playing either under the pavilion or on the grass.

Tournament Time: Tournament Registration and Free Play will be starting at 11:00 AM, however we be starting the event at 12:15 PM. It would be appreciated, however, if attendees would be there at least a couple of minutes earlier so we can get the battles and or blocks ready beforehand. We'd like to get the tournament done as soon as we can, but if your going to be late PM me or post in this thread.

Entry Fees: Tournament entry will cost five dollars a person, although if an extra ten is payed, a Blader Passport would be yours, along with a cool Passport Face online! Most importantly, though, free tournaments until your passport expires the following year. How cool is that! As you know it allows you to enter any tournament for the next year without paying the fee, as well as giving you the chance to participate in whatever contests or giveaways the WBO may offer.

Side Note: Please, PLEASE, PLEASE keep a hold on each and every part you own. We'd like to avoid thefts of all types, from Beyblades to game systems and laptops. Keep all your personal belongings close to your person at all times; do not leave them hanging around, as they are YOUR responsibility, and the tournament staff cannot be held liable for thefts.

Prize: As every normal tournament everyone will get 1 Credit to spend on the credit campaign for participating per tournament formats. First place gets 3 Credits plus 1 extra credit for majority wins. Second place gets 2 Credits plus 1 extra for majority wins. Third Place gets 1 Credit and maybe or not 1 extra for majority wins.

Beyblade Prize:
  • Spriggan Requliam 0 Zt
  • Alta Chronos 6M T
  • Hasbro Beyblade Burst TBA

Special generosity from the host:
If you Katsucon goers or attendees attended this year Katsucon 2018 you'll will have your entry waived and paid by me. Must present badge to qualify this waiver!

Let me know if there's any questions or concerns.
Sorry I cannot come
Hey guys, Super excited for this one Smile
I wish I could go maby there will be one near Georgia so I can go to my first one
What are the prizes
I'm still waiting for my mom and dad to tell me if they'll take me or not, which would really suck if they don't, cause I've always always always wanted to attend my first ever beyblade tournament, especially as a really really really awesome birthday wish
Prizes updated~~!

Edit: If there's 18+ people I will upgrade the prize to Nightmare Longinus  Ds~~
OMG Yami, you just got me more and more excited than ever, hopefully I'll get to go so I can give ity bst for you dude
Hey Yami, just Incase you haven’t noticed the tournament is scheduled for February 18, 2016 (do you mean 2018?)
Mini update for the Katsucon attendees!
I am super excited! Who else is?
Thx for the respond!
are you guys gonna host metal fight tournament?
(Feb. 09, 2018  10:15 PM)BasedRyuga Wrote: [ -> ]are you guys gonna host metal fight tournament?

If we have enough time and daylight we can!
Limited or Standard?
(Feb. 11, 2018  3:43 PM)Ardmore Bladers Wrote: [ -> ]Limited or Standard?

Limited, we might as well try it in the burst stadium for a change.
I can’t come because of 2 reasons
1. I live in Georgia and it’s not the end of the school year yet
2. I don’t even have a ****ing bey passport
Good luck in tournament I will use drain fafnir or doomcizor(god)
Two of my friends are coming one has drain Fafnir and the other has spriggan requiem
(Jan. 30, 2018  1:27 AM)beymaster35 Wrote: [ -> ]I wish I could go maby there will be one near Georgia so I can go to my first one

I'm hosting a Georgia tournament this summer 2018 probably end of may or beginning of june
looks like we might get snow Unhappy
thanks you made my day better but is it burst or metal
(Feb. 15, 2018  11:31 PM)beymaster35 Wrote: [ -> ]thanks you made my day better but is it burst or metal

This will be a burst format
(Feb. 15, 2018  8:12 PM)RedPanda2 Wrote: [ -> ]looks like we might get snow Unhappy

It's on Saturday not sunday. It'll be clear and bright on that day. But advise to dress warmer! We're 3 days away!
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