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Full Version: Final Showdown 2:- MFL (cancelled)
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Hey guys! Its WBO's 8th Aniversary and to celebrate this we are having this event and special thing is there won't be entry fees!!
for these events!
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[Image: 7s1]Prizes:
1st Place:- Gold Bit + Credits
2nd Place:- Silver Bit + Credits 
3rd Place:- Bronze Bit + Credits

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FAQ (please read carefully before coming
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
The Event; Role of the Host, co-Host & Judges; Formats and more! 
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Please lunch this Beyblade final shorown2 in odisha
(Dec. 25, 2017  7:53 AM)Kulamanirout Wrote: [ -> ]Please lunch  this Beyblade final shorown2 in odisha

hey! sorry to know but atm there isn't any host there in Odisha. Maybe a friend of mine is there I will ask if he can