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It is the 9th anniversary of WBO. The whole world is celebrating, and so shall us.

Meet the best in the country in the official tournament of metal fight beyblade (limited format).

Everyone is welcome, and be punctual.

Possible attendees:
ronitnath (Host)
Arijit Sarkar (Co-host)
Ryan Uchiha
Ashmit Mohanty
Winter Soldier

Do come with your original beyblades and launchers.
Do not come without reading the rules.

Entry fee is None.

Take part in the contest of WBO IX anniversary here.
I will be mostly coming but still keep me unconfirmed for now. #2ndEverGuyFromIndiatoTravel2000kmforSpinningTops

BTW what does that name means lol

edit:- by any chance will there be STD/MFB as well?
Is the burst thread up yet?
(Dec. 15, 2017  7:51 AM)Wind~down~cat Wrote: [ -> ]Is the burst thread up yet?

Check it
Finally a tournament after a long time..Thanks Ronit bro for hosting this...Guys be there in time it will be a one heck of a tournament..
Sorry guys can't make it this time. Maybe in May.

and wow BTW you guys having 3 format a day?!
(Dec. 18, 2017  2:58 PM)FIREFIRE¬†CPB Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry guys can't make it this time. Maybe in May.

and wow BTW you guys having 3 format a day?!

No worries...Study for now..In may Ashton and others will be coming too so come then and trust me you will enjoy Kolkata then...It was a technical mistake we will be having 2 formats only
I and gunjan will most probabley not attend the tournement... On we have skl till 12...
GOOD LUCK for your event guys
Event done hope everyone are the results
1st Arijit Sarkar
2nd Divyanshbhakat
3rd ronitnath
Sorry for the delay. Was really busy with exams.

Enjoyed a lot in the tourney. Congo to all winners.