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Full Version: Is this anything good?
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So i just bought a bunch of... "stuff", to put it nicely.
Amidst the "stuff" i found the wheels for the brown meteo ldrago editoon on triple battle set, a rubber 145 track (yellow?!?) And an eternal wide defense bottom.
I am pretty new to this beyblade stuff (basically i never really liked the pladtic ones, the metal ones passed me by my son got into the burst, but what i really liked were the metal ones), so i know very little.
Is this combo any good?
I will be posting some photos as soon as i can to try and see if anyone can help me make heads of all this "stuff". Lots of separate parts, my head aches

Oh and I just tried it against Hades Kerbecs and it won 3/3 times, just barely outspun it (couple os seconds).