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Full Version: 9th Anniversary BeyLotto: Win a God Customize Set, Spriggan Requiem, and More!
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Spriggan Requiem, Nightmare Longinus
Thank you wbo for doing a giveaway for us.
I Hope I Win ?
Happy anniversary!
Well, I guess that at best, I can hopefully score that Nightmare Longinus. But with sooo many other folks entering...oh, well!! Best of luck to everyone, and congrats on WBO IX!! Wonder what Year 10 will bring?
well dang, too bad I dont have a passport xD, atleast Amaterios and Longinus are still open to win
Cool prizes guys am I right I really hope I win
Happy 9th Anniversary WBO!!
Very good prizes
Gucci gang
Going to be a Great Anniversary. And what amazing prizes that we can compete with in our battles.
I just want 4-21 place
Good luck everyone, thanks wbo for this lottery
Nice! Im hoping I can get a few of the newer Beys
Really happy the WBO is doing so great.
i need to win this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New here but figured i'd try entering Smile
Can I only get the Bit Booster instead?
I am a newcomer where this compeitition is held?
(Dec. 16, 2017  4:23 PM)Sarveshj Wrote: [ -> ]I am a newcomer where this compeitition is held?

Online. Once you post, you are entered. If you win something, you PM them where you want it shipped to.
I'm in! (hope i don't win first :p)
Good luck everyone!!
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